At St Peter's, we are so lucky to have strong links with both of the Parishes our School serves. We celebrate mass at both St Joseph's Ansdell and St Peter's Lytham, leading the liturgy on the 1st and 2nd Sundays of each month. We love to hear what Father has to tell us about the Gospel. 

Our Parish Priest, Fr Peter, plays a very important role in our school community and joins us each week for a ‘Class Mass’ . This is a very special opportunity to celebrate mass, in each class with Father Peter, our class friends and our families who join us. It is through this most intimate experience that we have all become closer to God and have deepened our understanding of the mass its self. 

Father will often pop in to see us and share in our special events and celebrations and we enjoy being part of the special celebrations that happen within both our Parishes.



We encourage our children to have an active role in Parish life and try to make links where possible.  Both Parishes also run programmes of preparation for Holy Communion. 

We take opportunities through the year to welcome our Parishioners into school for community events and to celebrate Mass. 

Events scheduled in our very busy parishes will be included on the school website calendar.

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