Welcome to St Peter's Catholic Primary School. 

St Peter's is a Catholic Primary School and we have a Reception intake of 30 children.  

If you would like to know more about our school as a potential parent/child please contact our school office on 01253 734658

Tours are held throughout the AutumnTerm. (Please reserve a place by calling the school office.)

ROUTINE ADMISSIONS (Place for September 2023 or 2024) 

As a Catholic Primary School we ask parents to complete the school's supplementary form (a) which should be completed and returned to the school office alongside your child's Baptism cerificate (if Baptised.)  This information is used to enable Governors to place applications according to the admission criteria.

Please submit your application to the Local Authority by:

September 2023 start - 15th January 2023

September 2024 start - 15th January 2024

In addition, please return the supplementary form and copy of your child's Baptism certificate to the school office for this date. 

Admissions 2023/24

Admissions 2024/25