NON-ROUTINE ADMISSIONS (Place for current school age children) 

If you would like your child to attend St Peter's and they are currently of school age then you need to contact the school office (01253 734658 email using the contact us section of the website) to establish whether a place is available within your child's year group.  

In line with guidance upon capacity the Governor's of the school have set class sizes to 30 pupils.  Parents can appeal for a place if this number has already been met. The appeals process is organised by Lancashire Authority and the Appeal is heard by an impartial panel.  

If you wish to visit the school before or during the Appeals process this can be accommodated.  Parent's wishing to Appeal for a place should complete the Appeal's Form  on which they should outline the reasons for wanting a non-routine place for their child at St Peter's.  This form should be signed and returned to school either by post or email. We ask that parents return the paperwork within 10 days of indicating their intention to make an appeal.

Please find at the bottom of this page the Appeal's form and Guidance document.

The Local Authority will aim to process the appeal within 10 days and will invite parents to attend a panel hearing. The panel will go ahead if parents do not wish to attend. Parents are given 10 days notice of when the panel will meet. 

For more information on applying to a school in Lancashire please click here 

Appeals Form 

Appeal's Information

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