Our British Values

At St Peter's we promote the core British Values and teach these explicitly (alongside our Charter Virtues) across the curriculum. This ensures that pupils make links in their learning and deepen their understanding. 





British Values to be explicitly taught


First week of each half term PSHE lesson covering the British Value. 

Experiences are also planned to engage the children, within classes or whole school.




British values coverage over the year



Possible experience

Charter Values

Autumn 1


Starting new year, teams, cooperation, every voice heard, fairness

Member of Parliament to speak in school.

Councillor/ Mayor

Compassionate and loving


Grateful and Generous

Autumn 2

Tolerance and Respect

Different religions


Visits to Mosque/Synagogue

Visits from charities working with homeless etc

Grateful and generous (cont’d)

Faith filled and hopeful

Spring 1

Rule of Law

Why do we have rules?

Police talk, Solicitor

Attentive and Discerning



Spring 2

Individual Liberty

Human rights

Refugee talk

Active and curious

Summer 1

British Values Summary

Teachers choose a current affair e.g Elections and teach 1 lesson each half term, looking at that topic through the lens of British Values



Learned and wise


Truthful and Eloquent

Summer 2

British Values Summary



Intentional and Prophetic