Year 4 is the second year of a child’s Key Stage 2 journey and it is a year packed full of new learning, building upon all of their knowledge so far. We provide this in a nurturing and faith-filled environment in which each child is valued and accepted for who they are, as made by God. 


In Year 4, we have a varied and well-rounded curriculum which allows children to make connections with previous knowledge both in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, whilst also providing an appropriate level of challenge to ensure each child fulfils their potential. 


Each step of the way, your child will be guided and encouraged to challenge themself and discover their own ability. 


In Year 4, we work independently, in pairs, in groups and as a class in order to provide children with adequate opportunity to share and discuss. It is important in Year 4 that mistakes are seen as learning opportunities as this will enable the children to develop further, both academically and personally.


In Year 4, everyone will be celebrated for who they are through our weekly My Happy Minds and PSHE sessions. Your child will be supported emotionally and nurtured in a caring environment in which they feel valued.


Our Year 4 curriculum page will provide you with further information on our learning each half term and the journey that we are on, as you will notice the links being made between our learning. You can also access our Seesaw blog which will be updated weekly with photos and information. This is a lovely way for you to share the learning journey with your child. 

Through our half termly homework journals your child will develop their understanding in their subject areas as well as furthering their knowledge with further research. 


Year 4 is an exciting year at St Peter’s and the children will be given plenty of opportunity to represent their class on interesting school trips, sporting events and competitions. I am confident that your child will enjoy Year 4 and will gain not only valuable knowledge in the classroom but also improved confidence and emotional awareness. 


We look forward to meeting you soon! Please do not hesitate to contact us via Seesaw with any queries or concerns. We are always here to support you and your child in your time at St Peter’s.